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Eliqxir is a woman-led, Black-owned Cognac liquor brand founded in October 2021. Our mission is to increase the representation of Black women in today’s liquor industry while celebrating the rich history and culture of Cognac.

Cognac’s popularity was bolstered in the Black community when Black artists, such as Josephine Baker, left the United States to perform in France. She, like many others, were prohibited from showcasing her talent within bars in the United States due to Jim Crow laws. In Europe, Black music and culture was accepted and celebrated as beautiful, unique art. To embrace the country that welcomed them, Cognac was brought back to the United States.


In essence, Cognac in the Black community is a story that signifies the power of rebellion when rejected from society. As a team of Black women, we relate to this story personally and know that you will too.

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